Spring is here and so are you <33

Hey you,

spring is coming. Therefore I have decided to actually post something after a decade. I must say I was pretty surprised when I realised I actually already have an existing WordPress account, after some time of randomly trying to log in just for fun. My thoughts today are that I am excited over spring and the awakening of the nature. Not only over the lively atmosphere with birds chirping ,flowers blooming and motor bikes starting to hum in the already busy afternoon traffic but because I feel it. I feel the awakening in every bone that I possess and have a strange sensation of an awakening inside me. It is as though some natural force would be putting me out there to become alive again after the dead of winter. I love it because I would usually be to lazy to be active, but since nature is forcing me it is much easier. What I love about spring is, it brings hope. Not only hope but the joy of expectation. I know that once summer is over, there is autumn and winter and gloomy days on the horizon, but in springtime there is no place for such gloomy thoughts, there is no time to waste while worrying about all the winters ahead. Spring is a joyful time and always inspires me to make something completely new, to stop worrying and instead start living, to maintain hope for the future and to become active. It is the time when you appreciate the moment. You know spring does not last forever, but you are aware that something even greater is coming, summer. And the  thought about  lovely beautiful inspiring seasons ahead of you relax you and totally enable you to enjoy the life in the present. Same could be applied to our life. Whenever something goes wrong, whenever you catch yourself worrying too much about about trivial or non-trivial things, whenever you are stressed out try to visualise or convince yourself that spring and summer are ahead of you. A double-period of security. You are ensured everything will be beyond spectacular. And this sense of security spontaneously enable you to enjoy the moment. Now go out there and take that piece of life with a cherry on top.

Come, check my blog some times, I feel I have a lot to say.

If not, thanks for coming and nice to meet you ❤




like it

when it is

COLD and I can wrap myself in a

WARM blanket. I watch the

SNOWY LANDSCAPE through the window next to a

FIREPLACE. A cup of HOT TEA next to an old BOOK. A plate of

HOMEMADE COOKIES. The smell of freshly baked goods. GREY and

DEPRESSED outside, but WARM and COSY inside.

When you step outside a cold breeze of reality hits you and makes you

wanna go back

inside and dwell upon your thoughts.




Be happy. A simple saying, that can change you life.

Lately I have been thinking about happiness a lot. I think that the lasting fullfillment in life comes with happiness, but it is up to us to create it. When we create happiness it is less likely that situations will upset us and throw us back into our previous mood. We should maintain an island of positivity within us. Something that no one can take from us and something that only we can grow. But how to maintain this island of positivity? By finding an activity that makes us happy, buy having self-trust, by knowing that we are the ones responisble for our happiness with decisions we make and the life we lead. Of course people and relationships make us happy. but first we have to find happiness within us and let us be our own independent happiness. Once we reach that, we can share happiness with others and enchance our own.

Be happy 🙂