Be happy. A simple saying, that can change you life.

Lately I have been thinking about happiness a lot. I think that the lasting fullfillment in life comes with happiness, but it is up to us to create it. When we create happiness it is less likely that situations will upset us and throw us back into our previous mood. We should maintain an island of positivity within us. Something that no one can take from us and something that only we can grow. But how to maintain this island of positivity? By finding an activity that makes us happy, buy having self-trust, by knowing that we are the ones responisble for our happiness with decisions we make and the life we lead. Of course people and relationships make us happy. but first we have to find happiness within us and let us be our own independent happiness. Once we reach that, we can share happiness with others and enchance our own.

Be happy 🙂


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